The Bear and the Rat Cool Treats for Dogs

The Bear is a Lhasa who grrrowls like a bear & The Rat is a Rat Terrier with an unfortunate nickname. These "dog ice cream" frozen yogurt dog treats are not only FUN, they're FUNCTIONAL. There are 3 billions of live & active probiotic cultures in each cup (15 billion per pint, 3 billion per cup), which is great for digestion, immunity & doggie breath! The Bear & The Rat frozen treats are made from real yogurt and free of corn, wheat and gluten. ** We have adored this company since seeing them on Shark Tank, meeting them, becoming their FIRST ever retailer in Florida and watching their company (and their family!) grow over the years! The Bear & The Rat Cool Treats for Dogs are always in stock in the freezer section at Earth Pets of Gainesville!