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Kittens Rescue

Anyone who has ever shopped at Earth Pets of Gainesville knows that it's much more than a retail store.  The cats and kittens that greet our customers each day are there because we have made our store a temporary safe haven for homeless animals while they wait to be adopted into new loving homes. 

Since 2009, Earth Pets has rescued and found homes for over 1,000 orphaned kittens and special needs cats.  That is a lot of lives saved!  But as long as there are still cats and kittens in our community needing rescue, we are committed to doing even more and you can help!

To increase the number of lives we can save, we have built an Orphan Kitten Adoption Nursery inside our store.  This is a special cage-free room where young, adoptable kittens can grow, heal, play and live while waiting for the day they are finally adopted into a loving home.  The nursery is open to visitors so they can socialize with the kittens and so that potential adopters can interact with them and hopefully choose one to adopt. 

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