K9 Granola Factory , Birthday Box for Dogs

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Detailed Description

K9 Granola Factory | Birthday Box for Dogs


Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your dog? K9 Granola Factory’s Birthday Box is a ready to give, party in a box we guarantee your dog will love!  This handcrafted dog birthday box contains some of K9 Granola Factory's best-selling treats and snacks from their Originals and Basics lines:

    1 Soft Bakes Birthday Cake (12 oz. )
    1 Soft Bakes Bites Cookies and Crème (12 oz. )
    1  G’Nuffs Mac N’ Cheese (5 oz.)

Nutritional information for each of these products can be found on individual product pages. All K9 Granola Factory dog treats are made with quality ingredients, so you can give your pup a birthday gift that you can feel good about.

This fun and adorable Birthday Munch Box comes with festive crinkle paper…the perfect gift for a busy pet parent! What better way to celebrate your dog’s birthday than with delicious treats?

K9 Granola Factory's story is told by a creator who had a strong desire to design a unique line of dog treats like nothing seen before... a desire to craft a local dog treat, made by local people. With the cookie business in full bloom, there had to be another treat, something different, that the masses were missing. On a very hot, summer night, the Pampered Chef pans were hastily being rotated in the kitchen ovens and, after several failed attempts, the perfect granola batch was created. Many hours went into the pursuit of creating the perfect dog treat. The recipe was a combination of this and that and the flavors were extraordinary. It wasn’t long after K9 Granola Factory was born and although they quickly outgrew their small kitchens, their commitment to quality has stayed the same.

As the family business continues to grow, their creator has realized the importance of designing flavors that are not only nutritious but delicious too. They choose the highest quality ingredients and combine them with oats N honey to create fun loving flavors. Granola is not only in the name but their way of life!

  • Treat Features: Novelty Treat Gift, Birthday Party in a Box!