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Shop for the best cat food brands at Earth Pets of Gainesville. We have a huge selection of only the best cat food brands like Open Farm, Fromm, Pure Vita and Koha. With over 25 years experience in the natural pet food market, we have extensive knowledge about pet nutrition and we are here to share that knowledge with you!  

With a variety of options in natural and holistic dry, canned, freeze dried and raw frozen cat food, we can help you navigate the choices to find the food that will best benefit your unique cat or kitten.  We'll help you choose from an array of added benefit options like raw, grain free, limited ingredient, freeze dried and hypoallergenic cat foods.  We can also help you narrow down the options to find the best cat food for your growing kitten, adult or senior cat or cats with special dietary restrictions.  We specialize in finicky cats and picky eaters! 

Explore our product pages to find ingredient lists, caloric content, life stage information and other details about the cat and kitten foods we offer at Earth Pets of Gainesville. If you want more information about a particular cat food or have questions about meeting your cat's special dietary needs, just call or come by our store.  We are here to help you find the best food for your best feline friend!

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