Kitten Therapy & Adoption at Earth Pets

Since 2009, Earth Pets has saved the lives of over 3,500 kittens and cats and found loving homes for them. Stop by to meet our kittens and see if your furbaby is waiting for you at Earth Pets. Almost all the kittens in the Kitten Room are available for adoption, so talk to one of our staff about adopting.

Hours & Location 

Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday  10am - 5pm

404 NW 10th Ave
Gainesville, Florida

Kitten Therapy

Whether you are interested in adoption or not, come by the Kitten Room for snuggles, playtime, and pets. By visiting, you’re helping to nurture and socialize the kittens, making them happier and more adoptable. Do good. Feel good.

Give Kittens a Chance

The Kitten Room is a labor of love. We take in orphaned, injured, and special needs kittens—kittens who shelters often do not have the resources to care for. Without us, many of the kittens would have been euthanized. Taking care of hundreds of kittens each year is incredibly costly and the adoption fees do not cover the true expenses. If you are able, please help us rescue kittens by donating.

Our Adoption Guidelines:

We base adoption on the best match for the individual kitten’s needs. It is not on a “first come, first served” basis.

Our adoption paperwork is straightforward and can be filled out at the store.

With approved adoption, cats or kittens that are spayed/neutered can go home today.

Younger/smaller kittens are not available until they gain weight and can be spayed/neutered.

Adoption fees range from $125 - 200, and the adoption fees are used to continue our rescue efforts. Adoption fees are non-refundable and not transferable.

We can not “hold” or take deposits for requested pets. Your adoption isn’t complete until you take your new pet home.

While we go to great lengths to ensure the health of all cats and kittens in our care, adoption is not a guarantee of health. Please see a veterinarian within one week of adoption.

Adoption Includes:

Plus, post adoption support 6 days a week to help your kitten adjust to his/her new home. 

So stop by the Kitten Room and meet our kittens!